How to Stay Happily Married

—Diane Dobrowolski

“Ever wonder why some marriages flourish and others don’t? Come hear some secrets to maintaining a long term healthy, happy relationship!”.


World Community: Pipedream or Possiblity?

The sixth  the principle of Unitarian Universalism sets forth the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

—Mona Lee

“Accountable” and other Adjectives—My Story

—Susan Aigner


“If I am not guilty and I am not responsible, but I know I am entangled in the web of racism, prejudice, and privilege in our society….then what am I?

The Flowers Have the Gift of Language

We celebrate our annual Flower Communion by bringing flowers to share.


“May the blessings of the Flowers be upon you,

May their beauty beckon to you each morning,

And their loveliness lure you each day.”

Annual Music Service

Come join us as we celebrate music with Thomas Burt and the Saltwater Choir.

Come and Go With Me

Bridging Service for our Youth

—Melinda Einander

Social Justice Team

Be the Change

Social Justice work can be very fulfilling and rewarding, but also takes a lot of energy.   Sometimes it may feel exhausting and discouraging.  In our current times it seems more important than ever as we face the possible demise of our earthly home and threats … read more.