Saltwater’s 2017-2018 Search Team

Image result for it's raining cats and dogsMST Snap Shot Month 3:  October–It’s raining cats and dogs!

We all enjoyed the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop and many participants are still talking about it, which is great! Some Chalice Circles have picked up the case studies and are using them for discussion this fall. If you would like to use them for a small group discussion, please ask us for a copy.

MST members have been busy this month, putting in 3 to 10 hours every week on this business. It does feel like the work has gotten especially intense, as you will see below. Like it has been raining cats and dogs, just as the rain and early darkness arrived here in South King County. But SUZANNE LAUREL has been working to assure every MST member is on track, warm and well fed both physically and spiritually.

The MST is still analyzing our congregational survey and cottage meeting data. MERI MURPHY and team created some great questions, didn’t they? We received 138 responses–which is a response rate of 67% from our membership. We just given our Board some analyzed data from the cottage meetings that should be of relevance to their current governance. Thank you all for your comments; they can only help us to be a stronger, happier, better functioning congregation.

We are working on our MST website. It looks awesome! This is a website–separate from our Saltwater Church website–that will serve as our “packet” of information for our ministerial candidates. It won’t be public as much of it is potentially sensitive data (financial and membership data, community analysis, etc). We’ve gotten some really nice testimonial letters from Sound Alliance and other community members that we will be sharing with you. And TOM SPOHN would love more digital pictures for this site.

We are making arrangements to interview pre-candidates in person in January-March. This involves finding a place for a pre-candidate to stay for 3 days where we can meet with them in privacy. AND we need to find a UU church within driving distance where they can preach without that congregation knowing we and they are there for an interview! TIMES 4! All on a budget! But we have a great arranger AMANDA RADAK on our team, so no worries!

We are reviewing UUA guidelines and discussing potential ministerial compensation packages, thanks especially to DANIEL KEY. In early November, we will go to the Board with our proposal on a range of salary and benefits we think we should and hopefully can offer.

Did you know the MST now has their own bank account? Your Fund-A-Thon at work this year, we are wisely managing that $14,000 we raised to do this search. What are we spending it on? So far, the BCT workshop and lunch, a website, a retreat and soon our own interviewing Zoom Room. Later, travel expenses for our pre-candidates and our final candidate will be our major expenses. But we can all trust SUSAN AIGNER with the management of this fund.

Who is keeping minutes AND trying to keep you informed of what we are doing, too? DANIEL NZABANITA! Check out the display in the Welcoming Room and ongoing info in “News you need to know,” the Saltwater website main page and this space.


What are people saying about us…

My name is Dr. Lorelei Walker and I am a former leader of Health Equity Circle, a student organization at the University of Washington.  We believe health is more than healthcare and organize to push back on the social determinants of health. In 2015, Health Equity Circle and Saltwater Church formed a relationship when Sound Alliance began to organize our members through the Best Starts for Kids Initiative in King County. Out of the 21 institutions involved in the Sound Alliance work, Saltwater Church has by far been the most dedicated, engaged, kind and compassionate source of energy and momentum I have seen demonstrated by an institution. Every single time I engaged in a Sound Alliance event, a compassionate and caring Saltwater team member was there to walk the path with me, bringing insight and energy to the conversation. Saltwater sets a powerful example to other institutions, demonstrating the importance of showing up, having the conversations, and doing the work. Each member exuded a sincere love and concern for community members who are disadvantaged. I’ve visited the church and was immediately surrounded by a feeling of love and safety as if I had found a slice of heaven on earth. Every single experience I have had with a Saltwater team member has been meaningful and engaging. Seriously, this congregation rocks on all accounts.”