Mission, Vision and Commitment to Growth Statements


We will nurture each other to find meaning and connection within our lives and to contribute to our communities with our hearts, mind, hands and spirit. We also commit human and financial resources to advance social justice and environmental stewardship.


The vision of this church is to become a beacon of liberal religion in South King County. We strive:

  • To be a visible, active, and well known presence, reaching out to, welcoming and making room for all people who may be in sympathy with Unitarian Universalism.
  • To minister to the everyday lives of people with diverse interests, lifestyles, and ages.
  • To ensure that every member of our community is nurtured and has the opportunity to nurture others.
  • To recognize the importance of religious education and spiritual development for all members of our community, both children and adults.
  • To serve the local, national and global communities to which we belong
  • To be an influential voice for liberal religious values in public life.
  • To encourage the growth of Unitarian Universalism.

Commitment to Growth

In order to fulfill the Mission and Vision, this congregation commit itself to develop into a program-sized church with the organizational structure, staff, facilities, and programs to serve its members and friends.