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Are You Ready to Join the Team

This fall, our children’s classes will explore the theme of creation and creativity:  ourselves as creative people, how we work together to create our church home, and creating justice in the world.  It will be a fun, dynamic year and a chance for us to … read more.

Special Congregational Meeting

Save the Date! A special congregational meeting will be held on September 17, 2017 after the service to vote on ONE bylaw amendment that would permit the voting members of the ministerial search team to be increased from 5 candidates to 7. The exact wording … read more.

Flowers for the Chalice Table

Would you like to donate flowers?

We need people to bring flowers and greenery from your gardens (or store) for the Chalice Table on Sunday mornings.  If you have questions, please contact Rosie Olds,

Fracked Natural Gas and Washington

From Saltwater Climate Action Now!   (SCAN!)

If you’re interested in keeping fracked natural gas out of our state, please plan on attending an informational forum on Wednesday, September 6 from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Valley View Library, 17850 Military Rd. S., Sea-Tac. Speakers include Eric DePlace of Sightline Institute … read more.

Illustrated Prose ‘n’ Poetry

Please visit the Art Wall in our Welcoming Room to view our newest display, “Illustrated Prose ‘n’ Poetry.” This display features work by our own Saltwater Writers Group. Each piece of original writing is illustrated by a photo, magazine picture, greeting card cover, or specially … read more.

Storytelling Time

Saltwater’s Storytelling Time is on Sept 10th at 12:30. Please join our group of friends sitting in a circle, telling our stories. We will meet in the Church Office Chalice Circle Area. After each story, we will have a few minutes to ask questions of the … read more.

Living by the Book

In a world of millions of believers, we are almost hard-wired to exploit difference. Cultural and personal perspectives, as the veil through which experiences are sorted, hold the religious practice, the system of government, and the way of life we know best as the one … read more.

Heart and Mind

What is it about Humanism that has such a large following in our faith? How can a system of belief that finds the concept of divinity of no importance be so vibrant within any religious tradition? The living tradition of Unitarian Universalism draws from many … read more.

Why Do We Call It a Worship Service?


Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s second definition for worship is “a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual.” We may not have a creed, but we do have seven principles and we do have ritual.

The following is an excerpt … read more.