Our Caring Community

Both the Caring Team and the Lay Ministry Team at Saltwater Church help members of our community during times of difficulty, transition, and crisis.

The Caring Team

Members of the Caring Team can sometimes help meeting specific, short-term needs such as:

  • Bringing meals
  • Providing emergency babysitting
  • Providing respite care
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments
  • Buying and delivering groceries or other needed items
  • Meeting other specific, short-term needs.

To contact the Caring Team, please send email to caring@saltwaterchurch.org.

The Lay Ministry Team

Sometimes during a time of difficulty what a person needs most is somebody to talk to. Members of the Lay Ministry Team can provide an ear to listen, a heart to care, and a hand to hold. They are also available to visit hospitalized or homebound individuals.

To contact a lay minister at any time, please send email to layministry@saltwaterchurch.org .

You may also contact any one of the lay ministers individually. (While individual phone numbers are not listed below, you may obtain a phone number by calling the church office.)

Debra Valpey

Debra Valpey

Denise Yanega

Denise Yanega

Mike Yanega

Mike Yanega

Peggy O'Connor

Peggy O’Connor



Patrick Finney