Chalice Circles - Our most Popular small groups for Adults

Chalice Circle
   The only way to have a friend is to be one.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  • What are Chalice Circles?

Chalice Circles are small groups of six to ten people who meet twice a month for three months.

  • What happens at a Chalice Circle?

Chalice Circles are an opportunity for participants to share what's happening in their lives, and reflect with others on some of “Life's Big Questions”.   Each meeting has a discussion topic.

  • What do people say about Chalice Circles?

“I have truly enjoyed Chalice Circles.   It’s unlike anything else at church I’ve experienced.”

“Chalice Circles have made it possible for me to get to know people I otherwise would not have known.”

“I used to know only people’s names and faces.   Now I feel like I know them and they know me.”

"Chalice Circles have given me an opportunity to reflect on how I live my life.   I’m a better person as a result!”

“I have gotten more out of Chalice Circles than I ever dreamed possible.”

"I look forward to every meeting.”

“I highly recommend Chalice Circles to anyone.”

  • How often and where do Chalice Circles meet?

Chalice Circles meet twice a month for three months.   Participants choose the day and times they want to meet when signing up.   Some Chalice Circles meet at church, others in people’s homes.   

  • Can I sign up if I’m not a member?


All are welcome to sign up.  Chalice Circles are a good way to get to know people and learn about a liberal religious approach to life.   We welcome Newcomers dropping in to see if they like it.

  • Can I join a Chalice Circle after it's started?


We welcome newcomers joining Chalice Circles after they've started, if there's space available.

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