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From your Board of Directors

Thank you to all who attended our forum on April 9 about the steps we will take to call our new settled minister.  I want to recap the first step, choosing a Search Team.

1.      Because it is critical to have input from all Saltwater members, the Board and the Petal Leads will call all members.  This will happen April 17-30.  If we call you when you are not available, we will leave a message. Please return the call.

2.      We will ask you to nominate 3 members to this important role.  The Board will offer the positions to those who stand out for their many nominations.  The Team will be made up of seven people.

3.      Take time now to plan ahead for your phone call, maybe run through the church directory (available on our website ), and consider the following when making your nominations:

a.       Who can represent the whole congregation well, including the children?

b.      Who in the congregation works well with others?

c.       Who knows the history and culture of the church, whether old or newer to the congregation, and is grounded in our faith tradition?

d.      Who can speak to a potential minister about Saltwater Church on its best and worst days, about its strengths and weaknesses?

4.      The slate of 7 Team members will be presented for your approval at our June 11 Congregational Meeting.

 Let me know if you have any questions:  Susan Aigner,, 253-569-8156.

Our Whole Lives for 4th to 6th graders Begins in May

Our Whole Lives (OWL) offers a realistic sexuality curriculum that deals with the physical and emotional changes of puberty, presenting these subjects in a safe, confidential environment where children can get real information from trained facilitators.  An orientation for parents and children will be held April 30 at 11:30. If you are interested in having your child participate or if you have questions about the program, please contact Sandra Petschek  at 253-630-1350 or Aaron Sperry at 757-339-3632

Spring Retreat at Seabeck

Spring Retreat:

Our Annual UU Gathering at Seabeck


Friday, May 5 through Sunday, May 7, 2017.  Together, we return to the beautiful Seabeck Conference Center on Hood Canal to continue our years’ long Seabeck tradition.  Online Registration is open for a few more participants.  Participating congregations (Shoreline, Saltwater, Westside, Evergreen, Tahoma, Olympia, and Woodinville) have a registration table before and after the Sunday service.

2017 Theme - UU’s Face to Face: A Journal for Your Journey


Spring Retreat: Our Annual UU Gathering at Seabeck

Friday, May 5 through Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 Theme - UU’s Face to Face: A Journal for Your Journey

 Our Annual Retreat at Seabeck includes 6 meals – no cooking! – and programs and activities for all ages. Make this a traditional get away with UU’s from this congregation and others in the Puget Sound region.

In times of extreme transition -- whether personal, congregational, or national -- we may feel shaken, disoriented, less than whole. It is more important than ever to cultivate a meaningful community and to know we are part of a wider UU web.  Rev. Amanda Aikman, UU minister and spiritual director, will accompany us as we regroup, restore, and refresh ourselves.  You will be invited on a journey with fellow UU's, a journey of sharing, exploring deep spiritual issues, laughter, heartfelt connection.  Your Seabeck Team is planning a schedule of volunteer-led interactive workshops, which will complement Rev. Amanda’s program; worship; and classes for our children, all based on our theme, "A Journal for Your Journey."  All ages are welcome and scholarship assistance is available.  Please join us for this attractive possibility!

Board Presents Forum on Bylaw Amendments

Saltwater Church’s move to Policy Governance has made obvious changes in how we do business.  The Board been working to make our Bylaws consistent with these changes.  The Board will host 2 Bylaw Forums to solicit your feedback on the proposed changes: Wednesday, April 26, 7pm, in the Sanctuary, and Sunday, April 30, 11:45am, in the Sanctuary.  The draft Bylaws will be available at, and posted in the Welcoming Room.  At our June 11 Congregational Meeting, we will present the Bylaw amendments for your approval.  Questions?  Contact Susan Aigner at, 253-569-8156.

Stewardship Message

Saltwater is nearing the end of our annual pledging time.  Thank you to everyone who turned in their 2017-2018 pledge by our preferred date of April 2!  There is still time to pledge if you have not notified us of yours!  But we are in budget season and would like to know your planned contribution soon.  So far, we have $182,000 pledged for the 2017-2018 church year which starts in JULY 2017.  If you attended the budget discussions in February, you will know we hope and expect to receive more pledges to meet all the wonderful goals we have for this exciting year!  You can still place your pledge card in the Welcome Table in the Welcoming Room, mail or turn it in to the church office, drop it in the offertory basket on Sunday or email it to  To facilitate the closing of the 2017 Pledge Drive and help move the budgeting season forward, the members of the Stewardship Team (Jean Spohn, Patrick Finney, Suzanne Laurel, Dorothy Burt, Vickie Carey and other helpers) will soon be contacting those church members who have not yet turned in their pledge. Look forward to our call, or turn in your pledge today!

The Spring Young Adult Conference

 for UU young adults, ages 18-35, will be held at Saltwater March 31-April 2. Cost is $35-70 (sliding scale). Friends are welcome.

For more info: Ask Melinda or check  

You know that classic song "Spirit of Life" that's always sung at cons; the one that goes 'roots hold me close, wings set me free'? This year we have decided to embody this song in our themes. Last Fall Con, the theme was 'Roots: Where Did We Come From'. We discussed our personal & spiritual pasts as well as touching upon the past of UUism. This Spring Con is a continuation on Roots. We decided to call it "Wings: Where Are We Going From Here", personally, communally, & spiritually. In other words, what kind of things can we do for ourselves & our community to grow as UUs? Join us for a weekend of faith exploration & community building! This conference is open to young adults aged 18-35 (inclusive), Unitarian Universalist or not.

The Postcard Party last Friday at Saltwater Church was a success!

Note:  Friday March 24, 2017 We wrote postcards to our Washington State and federal legislators. Writing to your legislators is a good way to let them know your views on the issues. Sealed envelopes require extensive security measures, which can be avoided by using postcards.
Twenty-five people attended!
157 postcards were written!
Five state legislative districts were represented!

Issues included Health Care, Climate, Education, Homeless assistance, State budget, Tax fairness, Freedom of Speech/Assembly and many, many other issues!

 Thank you to everyone who came and participated, and special thanks to everyone who provided transportation for others!

Special thanks to the organizing team, with Margo R., Nancy C., Sheri J. and Ruth K, who are standing in the attached photo!

Special thanks to Mary Paynter and the Climate Action team, where this idea was born, and who provided invaluable advice on how to coordinate this event. (The Climate Action team is called "SCAN", which stands for Saltwater Climate Action Now).

Special thanks to Susan Aigner, who took these photos, and researched issues and made presentations of interest to Saltwater's chapter of Sound Alliance.

Topher Benum

Healthy Congregations Workshop

Join us after service Sunday, March 26th at 12:05 p.m. in the Large Activity Room in the Lighthouse.  Come to explore and practice about learning conversations, a productive way to better understand each other.  The subject of this workshop is practical tools to untangle conflictBring a brown bag lunch, and register by email so we know how many copies of information to make. Contact  aidasanchezvela or by phone 253-820-9101.   Presented and sponsored by the Healthy Congregation Team.  Request childcare at

A Message from Stewardship

Saltwater is in the midst of our annual pledging time. Thank you to everyone who has already turned in their 2017-2018 pledge. Though the goal is to get all pledges for the coming year turned in by April 2, we do not expect this new pledge amount to start until JUNE 2017. So keep thinking about what will feel good and right to start giving your church community in June and turn in that pledge. Feel free to change it, too, if you already turned it in and are moved to pledge more by recent testimonials! You can place your pledge card in the Welcome Table in the Welcoming Room, mail or turn in to the church office or drop it in the offertory basket on Sunday. And here is another

By: Saphronia Young

James used to say you can pray three ways: please, thank you, and “wow!” Today, you will hear my prayers.


First, thank you. I came here for the first time on the Sunday after 9/11. My beloved sister, who was already fighting cancer, worked in tower 2. I came to Saltwater Church. I came to grieve, and I came to feel grateful that my sister survived. I was fearful, and confused. I found a wonderful religion. I found you.

You comforted me. You talked of love, when so many in this country were spouting hatred. You surrounded me with laughter and chalice circle discussions and invited me into your homes. You even showed up when I invited you into mine. You held me during a divorce from a good guy everyone here liked. Later, I found my Tom here. THANK YOU!


You also cause me to catch my breath and say, “Wow.” I close my eyes during the service when the music transports me to the eternal. This choir—and often we - sing so joyfully, so passionately, that I feel that connection to the divine. Your art, and writing, infuse me with the beauty and sweetness of the world. In the welcoming room, here in this space…WOW. This church invited a transgender child to speak here last week. Where  else can I find that? WOW.  This church gives my children the message that they are beautiful and perfect and holy just as they are. This community takes our message out there, marching and lobbying and saving the planet as a spiritual practice. WOW.


Now, for “please.” A few days ago, advertisers in Britain pulled out of Google when they discovered their ads were associated with violent content.  They had not been able to persuade Google to change their filters. So, they pulled their money. Now, Google is changing their filters. When I pledge here, I am voting for social and environmental justice, for acceptance and love of all people. I am sending my spiritual values out into the world on the river of my intention.

In Judaism, there is a belief that the Messiah will not come until every single Jew is “all in,” praying for the Messiah in unison. I love that message. Jewish children grow up knowing that if they sit on the sidelines, they alone could be responsible for the prolonged agony of the world. True here, too. You matter, and our children matter. Your pledge is your declaration of being “all in” . That our values in action – together--can heal this broken world. Please pledge at a level that demonstrates your commitment to our shared faith.  Please.

UU and You Class April 2

Are you curious about Unitarian Universalism or membership at Saltwater Church and missed the previous class?  Join us from 12 noon until 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 2nd.  Recent guests considering membership and those in the Saltwater Community interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and activities at Saltwater Church are all welcome. For more information about the class contact: Rev. Helen Carroll ( The deadline to request childcare is Monday March 27th (RSVP to:


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