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From the Board

Dear Friends:


Our new Board officers, as elected at the July 5th meeting are:  President - Saphronia Young; Vice-President - Quinn Rose; Secretary - Tawney Collins Feay; Treasurer - Gaye Greeves.  Additional board members are Judy Featherstone, Janeane Weprin, and Debra Valpey.


Our next Board meeting will be on August 1, 2017, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the administrative office Meeting Room.  The anticipated agenda will include our next steps in policy governance and plan for address the issues raised at the June congregational meeting, including establishing a special congregational vote to adopt a bylaw amendment to address only the size of the voting members of the ministerial search team.  The team has made a special request to ensure that this matter is addressed as promptly as possible.  The Board anticipates a special congregational meeting to be slated for September, 2017.


The Board welcomes your presence at all Board meetings.  If you wish to participate by Zoom, please let us know.  It is considered polite to announce your presence.


If you wish to propose an item for the Board's agenda, please feel free to do so by sending an email to Saphronia Young.  The address is:  Saphronia will be on vacation during July 23 to July 30, so please send any emails during that time to the Board Secretary, Tawney Collins Feay, or any other Board member.  

Eclipe of the Sun August 2017

Interested in viewing the total solar eclipse on August 21? Lodging in Salem, Oregon, in the path of total eclipse, is available in guest rooms of the members of the UU Congregation of Salem.  See the post in the UUCS website,

Thank you for your cooperation!


George Struble

Eclipse of the Sun this August!

From UU’s in Salem Oregon:

Some congregation members may want to view the total eclipse of the sun on August 21, and would perhaps want to find lodging in UU homes.  Salem, Oregon is very near the center of the path of the eclipse; we will have 1'54" of totality.  Our congregation is opening guest rooms in our homes in return for contributions to the UU Congregation of Salem. 


Interested in viewing the total solar eclipse on August 21?  Lodging in Salem, Oregon, in the path of total eclipse, is available in guest rooms of the members of the UU Congregation of Salem.  See the post in the UUCS website,

From the Board

The 2017 July Board meeting will not be held July 4th, but the next evening, July 5th, from 7 pm to 9 pm. All are welcome to attend personally or via "Zoom room." It is considered polite to announce your presence, such that the Board can know who is in attendance. This next meeting will consider the impact of the Congregational vote on the bylaws, and the need to consider the ministerial search team's request to hold a special election to allow their team to consist of seven (7) actual members, in addition to the Board's regular business.

Board Meetings

are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9 p.m. in the Meeting Room and Zoom Room. All members are welcome to attend either in person or virtually.


Saltwater Church has an Endowment Fund

Saltwater Church has an Endowment Fund.  At the end of 2016, the balance was $208,000.  Twenty years ago Saltwater didn’t have an Endowment Fund.  Here’s why we have $208,000 in this special fund with a charter to govern its use. 

I had been member of four UU congregations in the US for 15 years before we moved to Normandy Park and I joined Saltwater in 1975.  No one had ever asked me to name a UU church in my Will.  Saltwater didn’t ask me either.  I was always ready to just make my annual pledge, to contribute when the basket was passed, and to have a good time at auctions. But, in about 1990, my thinking about what is called Planned Giving changed after going to a UU District workshop on planned giving.  I soon stood in this our pulpit and asked my Saltwater UU community to be sure to include Saltwater when they decide about how to distribute their planned giving dollars.  This type of generosity to UU groups is sometimes called Legacy Giving. Remember I said no one had ever asked me …..That was my excuse. 

Now, in 2017, I am asking you (see I just eliminated YOUR excuse)   I’m urging you to remember to include Saltwater’s Endowment Fund in your personal planned giving documents.  Over the years about 50 people have already contributed to the Endowment Fund.  Some of the larger donations have been because members specified a certain amount of money for Saltwater in their Will or named Saltwater as a beneficiary for a life insurance policy.  When a friend or member is honored at one of our lovely UU memorial services you can memorialize them by contributing to Saltwater Endowment Fund in their name.

The Endowment fund money is invested, so it’s earning interest.  The Charter reads: “This fund is intended to build a permanent capital account that produces an earnings stream separate from all annual or other fund raising activities.  One-third of the annual Net Gain for the fund shall be made available to the Board for such Church use as may be deemed appropriate.  The remaining 2/3 of the net gain shall be retained by the Fund for growth.”  Saltwater’s 2017-2018 budget includes income of $4700 from the Annual Net Gain of the Endowment Fund to our fund operating budget.

I end with a real life story about our Endowment Fund: In 1996 one of our single men unexpectedly received $15,000 from the will of a relative from whom he had felt estranged.  He suggested to me, then Chair of the Endowment Fund, that we ask our community to match his $15,000.  We did…In just one month, sixty Saltwater people contributed the $15,000 to match his. 

Let’s talk more about this important part of Saltwater’s financial planning.  I have copies of the Endowment Fund charter and of the 2016 Endowment Fund financial statement.  See me at church.  Call me: 206-499-2795.  Email me:

An exciting community outreach opportunity!

 An exciting community outreach opportunity is occurring in Kent on Saturday,  June 3rd.   Saltwater Church
will have an information table at the Kent International Festival.  The festival celebrates cultural diversity as represented by the many ethnic groups living in the Kent Area. The Festival is at ShoWare Center in Kent (625 West James St.)  from 10 a.m - 5 p.m, on Saturday,  June 3rd. The Outreach and Welcoming Team is looking for volunteers to help staff our information table and also represent Saltwater Church in the ½ mile “World Wide Walk” that opens the festival at 9:30 a.m.  Contact: Joy Werlink if you are interested in participating.  More information about the festival and route of the World Wide Walk is available at:

From Saltwater Climate Action Now! (SCAN!)

Do you know how many proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the Pacific Northwest have succeeded in the face of organized opposition?  Zero. That's right, zero projects have been able to surmount organized, determined opposition. Come organize with Saltwater Climate Action Now!  We are focused on solutions to environmental threats including climate change.  We would love to include you in our activities.  Contact Mary at for more information.  Our next meeting is Sunday, June 4, after service.  Look for us in the Large Activity Room in the Lighthouse, beginning at 11:50.

Weekly What's Happening May 26 to June 3, 2017

Saltwater UU Church provides Childcare for all Church Events

To request childcare, contact Director of Family Ministries Melinda Einander at or use the online childcare request form. Please remember to request childcare in advance of your event (1 week in advance if possible). Childcare requests made the day of the event generally cannot be honored.


From the Board

Our Ministerial Search Team Slate!

We are thrilled to announce our Ministerial Search Team slate, nominated by the membership of Saltwater Church!  They are Susan Aigner, Daniel Key, Suzanne Laurel, Meri Murphy, Daniel Nzabanita, Amanda Radak, and Tom Spohn.  The slate will be up for a vote at the June 11 Congregational Meeting.  Please offer your congratulations to these outstanding individuals who potentially will be representing us in our search for a settled minister!

Nominating Team Update


The Nominating Team is pleased to announce the following Saltwater Church Board candidates to replace Lisa Key and Echo Allen, who will end their 3 year term of service on July 1st.   Judy Featherstone and Janeane Weprin have volunteered to serve on the board.   The congregational vote to approve the candidates will occur at the June 11th congregational meeting.  Brief biographical statements from Judy and Janeane follow.  


Judy Featherstone has been a member of Saltwater UU Church for about 25 years.  She is married to Pat Montgomery.  They raised their two children here in the church. Judy is interested in being on the board of directors at this time to be supportive and involved in the change that the church is going through.  These will be years of continued change with the ministerial search and settling a new minister, Judy has years of experience as an executive at work in leading groups through change in a manner where individuals feel engaged and the strategic vision is the guide for how things are decided. She looks forward to this opportunity and being part of moving Saltwater UU Church to its next phase in south King County.  


Janeane Weprin has really been a UU her whole life, but she did not realize it until she began attending Countryside UU Church in Palatine, IL in 1999.  She was a member there for 10 years, sang in the choir, and was actively involved as a leader in various committees and covenant groups.   When she moved to Washington, she found Saltwater Church and immediately joined the choir, and also served on the Worship Team during James' last year.   Janeane works full-time as Program Chair for Liberal Arts at The Art Institute of Seattle.  She has over 30 years experience in education, and has a bachelor degree in applied math and a masters in education.  She lives in a large extended family household with her daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren, sister, two dogs and one cat.  She is excited and honored to be nominated for the board.  She feels that it is the best way she can serve the church, and thus, serve the greater community, and the world.  She feels that the work of the board is a good fit for her professional, church, and life experience.  As Janeane told Lisa when she called to ask her about the possibility of serving on the board, “it feels like something that she is being called to do”.


Also from the Nominating Team.

The Nominating Team is pleased to announce that Debra Valpey has volunteered to serve on the board for one year, while Susan Aigner serves on the Ministerial Search Team.  It is not possible to simultaneously be on the board and the ministerial search team.  After the ministerial search is concluded in June 2018, Susan will return to the board to finish her 3-year term of service.  Debra joins the Saltwater Church board candidate slate composed of Judy Featherstone and Janeane Weprin.  The vote to approve the candidates will occur at the June 11th congregational meeting.


Tea with the Board!  

Join your Board of Directors on Sunday, May 28th for tea/coffee in the Sanctuary at 11:45 a.m. Bring your questions and concerns so we can have a discussion! All are welcome. These informal gatherings are held on the last Sunday of every month.


Board Meetings

are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9 p.m. in the Meeting Room and Zoom Room. All members are welcome to attend either in person or virtually. If you plan to join us, please let Lisa know at 



From a former member...

My name is Scott Hutcheson. With my brother, Zane Hutcheson, and my niece, Nina, we were regular attendees of Saltwater  church, seven years ago. I am now dealing with terminal cancer. Though I am really sick, my death is not imminent. I'm working with my oncologist on a treatment plan, hoping the existing cancer will shrink again and not spread, and we are able to extend my life further.

I would love to hear from people who remember me, at or 253-839-4366. I will plan a memorial party at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Federal Way, and they will notify Saltwater Church at a future date, and you are invited to attend.   Thank you.


Shawl Supply Is Low

Saltwater Church extends its hands toward those experiencing distress by offering a supportive shawl or lap blanket.  Right now we can use a few more.  If you're able to knit, or crochet, please see Denise Yanega or Debra Valpey for instructions in making one.  


Helping our Neighbors

We are collecting household items and shelf stable food stuffs for the clients at Hospitality House and the Federal Way Day Center. Items will be collected during the worship service. Washcloths are especially welcome.


Community Petal Volunteer Signups

Try something new and deepen your connection and involvement in our beloved community.  Four teams are seeking additional members to complete their team of five.  The Membership Development Team, the Outreach Team, the Sunday Potluck Team, and the Kitchen and Housekeeping Team.


Friday Playgroup

For young children and their families or caregivers. Each Friday 9:30-11:30. Come share songs, stories, crafts, and free play time. We'll meet in the activity room in the Lighthouse to make friends and play. Questions? contact Katie Einander at


The Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch meets every Wednesday at noon in the Welcoming Room.  Bring a sack lunch and join us.


Writers Group

meets Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Welcoming Room. Questions? contact Debra Valpey at 206-243-5566 or


 Creative Hands

Join Creative Hands, every 2nd and 4th Monday, at 7:00 pm in the Welcoming Room. Questions? call Betsy @ 253-946-6877.


Grief Support Group

The Grief support group meets the second and fourth Mondays from 7-8:30 in the meeting room in the church office. We provide comfort and support to anyone recovering from loss and grief.


Queer Group

Friday, May 25 from 7-9 p.m. Bring a snack to share. We'll discuss plans for pride events and other summer activities. Meet in Lighthouse Room 2; childcare is available upon request. Contact Katie Einander for information at



Growth and Learning

Our Art Wall Update:  New Art Wall Display! 

Please be sure to visit our Art Wall in the Welcoming Room to view the delightful creations by Saltwater's own Jessica Alexander.  Jessica is both a skilled painter and photographer. The current Art Wall also features work by Debra Valpey and a lovely Cardinal painting by Doug Stultz. If you would like your, or your friend's art work featured on the Art Wall, just contact Debra Valpey, Art Wall Coordinator, at or 206-243-5566 or 206-953-5704. Let's celebrate beauty and creativity!


Parents, Please Remember:

As spring weather returns, our young people often want to play in our wooded area. We ask that children or youth get permission from their parents, travel in groups of three or more, and sign out with Melinda in the Lighthouse. This helps to ensure our children and youth are safe, and that parents know where to find them.


Social Responsibility

UU Members:   Vote for the Next President...

At this year's General Assembly in New Orleans, delegates from congregations across the country will elect the next President of the UUA. In these troubled times in the nation and in the denomination, choosing a president to lead the UUA through the next six years is more important than ever.


Social Responsibility Volunteer Signup Kickoff

Do your interests lie with school outreach, the Federal Way Day Center, our environmental policies, fully funding K-12 education, or immigration issues?. Signup sheets are available on the Social Responsibility bulletin board until the last weekend in May.

SCAN!  Saltwater Climate Action Now! team will hold its next meeting on Sunday, June 4, at 11:50 am (following the service) in the Large Activity Room in the Lighthouse.  All are welcome.  Light snacks will be served.




Stewardship Petal

Comprises  the Facilities and Grounds Team, Stewardship (pledge drive) Team, and the Fundraising Team.

Each team needs your help and we as a congregation thrive because of that help.  Please consider joining one or more teams.  No previous experience necessary.  New comers will be particularly well rewarded--with appreciation and love.  Signup sheets are available until the last weekend in May.


Grounds Party Saturday May 28

Help Maintain the beautiful trees on our church property.  Help cut English ivy and generally clean up the vegetation. Join us Saturday to maintain our trees.  Plan to join the grounds brigade Saturday May 28 to help clear and beautify our grounds.  For more information, contact Nancy Corr.



Worship Petal Volunteer Signups

If you are thinking about joining the choir, helping to make creative and fun lay-led services, being an usher, a greeter, or welcome desk helper, then you are welcome to volunteer. Signup sheets are available on the windows in the Welcoming Room until the last week of May.

Panera Bakery-Cafe Fundraiser

Support Saltwater Church and enjoy a delicious meal Thursday, May 11, 2017 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Panera Bread bakery-cafe at 2107 South 320th Street Federal Way, WA 98003 

Bring the flyer when you dine at Panera Bakery on Thursday, May 11, 2017, and they will donate a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to Saltwater Church. It’s a handcrafted, delicious meal, all for a great cause!

The flyers are in the Welcoming Room, on the website for downloading and printing,  in the Lighthouse, and in the Church Office.  You can even take a picture of a flyer using your mobile device and show that!  Hand them to your friends, aquaintances, people on the street...



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