Our Creativity Club (ages 10-14) service learning retreat was a very full day!  First we visited the Northwest Harvest food bank warehouse in Kent, where we helped to sort and package food for distribution to food banks around Washington State.


Then we went grocery shopping to practice buying food on a budget, and understand better how challenging it can be to provide adequate nutritious food when resources are scarce.  Each team of 4 youth had $20 to spend.  One group purchased the ingredients to make a healthy, homemade soup and bread for our dinner.  The other group purchased cheap canned soup, a loaf of bread, and ingredients for our breakfast.  We talked about the costs of fresh ingredients vs. processed food.  We made buying choices to accommodate the dietary needs and preferences of our group, and discussed how expensive it can be to need to eat a special diet.


Back at the church, we mixed up the bread dough, and discussed our learning so far.  Then we watched the documentary  A Place at the Table, about food insecurity in the United States.


After some free time, we got busy in the kitchen!  We chopped, mixed, stirred, and kneaded.


Our dinner was delicious!



After dinner, we carved pumpkins, to help decorate the altar for the Samhain service the next morning.  We saved the seeds from the pumpkins, and roasted them the next morning during our class time.

It was a delicious weekend of food and fun.  We learned a lot, and are well on our way to present what we’ve learned to the congregation at the worship service on November 19.  We hope you will join us!


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