Saltwater Church Family Ministries

Religious Education Classes for Children and Youth


Nursery (ages 0-3½ years)

Faith development starts at a subliminal, pre-language level as our youngest children are encouraged to feel safe and happy in their church home.  Toddlers will enjoy time for free play as well as lessons from “Friendship Finders,” which nurtures young children’s spiritual growth, creativity, and connection to their Unitarian Universalist community through rhymes, games, songs, stories, and activities.


Creation and Creativity

Based on the Montessori method, and drawing on a “morning as worship” model, these classes embrace self-directed learning, multiple learning styles, cooperation, and respect within a classroom community.  Through story, wondering, and creative response, children make meaning of the language of faith and life’s questions. 


Story Time (ages 3-7)                                                                                                                        

This year’s program will focus on stories of creation from different parts of the world and from science and nature.  This class will also examine the traditions and rituals of our religious community, and people who have worked for justice in the world.   The primary goal of this class is to create a safe and fun environment where children begin to build friendships.


Trail Blazers (ages 7-10)                                                                      

In “Faithful Journeys” participants embark on a pilgrimage of faith, exploring how Unitarian Universalism translates into life choices and everyday actions. In each session, they hear historic or contemporary examples of Unitarian Universalist faith in action. Stories about real people model how participants can activate their own personal agency – their capacity to act faithfully as Unitarian Universalists – in their own lives, and children have regular opportunities to share and affirm their own stories of faithful action.


Creativity Club (ages 10-14)                                                               

You The Creator of Justice” is a program of creative empowerment. It stresses the importance of supporting and affirming each other’s creative abilities and connection to the creative power of the universe. Sessions emphasize a connection to religious thinking, especially the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes.  Moved by love and gathered in spirit, we embrace our responsibility toward one another and the world at large. We strive to be active in peace-making and other efforts to improve our world.  The sessions explore our legacy, from both Universalism and Unitarianism, of living our connections in loving service, inquiry, and action for social justice.



OWL “Our Whole Lives” (grades 7-9 and grades 10-12)            

This program offers a realistic sexuality curriculum for teens that deals with both the physical aspects of sexual development as well as the emotional and social aspects.  From body image, to sex in the media, to relationships, Our Whole Lives presents these subjects in a safe, confidential environment where youth can get real information from trained facilitators.


High School Youth Group (9th – 12th grade)                                 

The Youth Group works with adult advisors to plan programs which include personal sharing, discussion of religious and ethical issues, guest speakers from other religions and from the community, service projects, participation in district youth conferences, and worship.