This fall we are starting theme-based ministry here at Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church. Using the Soul Matters themes and materials, we plan to connect worship, religious education and small group experiences so that we are having a shared conversation across the generations.

This year’s themes are:
What Does It Mean to be a People of…
September:  Expectation
October:  Belonging
November:  Attention
December:  Awe
January:  Integrity
February:  Resilience
March:  Wisdom
April:  Liberation
May:  Thresholds
June:  Play

Join us to deepen our faith together:

  • Explore resources related to the monthly theme (links above)
  • Attend Sunday worship
  • Sign up for small group ministry (Soul Matters Sharing Circles and Chalice Circles)
  • Request a copy of Soulful Home (thematic resources for families)
  • Join our Parent Group (to discuss the themes in relation to parenting)