All Activities are cancelled due to weather. Feb 8 through Feb 11


Due to weather conditions, there are no services on Sunday, February 10.  All activities are cancelled as road conditions are expected to be hazardous.

Closure of Saltwater UU Church due to weather conditions – no services or meetings to be held onsite

Due to the weather forecast for snow on Friday, Saturday, and into next week, and because we are unable to guarantee safe access into the parking lot and building during this weather event, the premises of Saltwater U.U. Church will be closed. The closure will run from mid-day Friday, February 8, through at least mid-day Monday, February 11.

Please check your email for further notice about possible closures next week. We will be following the lead of the Highline and Federal Way school districts.

There will be no services, classes or meetings held on the premises during this closure.

Please take care of yourselves during this time.

You should prepared to stay at home for the next several days, and check on your basic needs as soon as possible. Heat, light, water, and food.

If you know of loved ones, friends, or neighbors who may need assistance please check on them. If you may need some assistance in preparing for the storm, or during the stay at home, please contact a nearby loved one, friend or local authorities.


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