New Salem Unitarian Church:  We have 10 pilgrims signed on and can accommodate 10 more for our week of October 8 pilgrimage to our New England roots in Boston, Cambridge, Concord and Fruitlands, Massachusetts led by our own Rev. Jon Luopa. Please contact if you are interested and have any questions.

Rev. Luopa is a scholar of the New England Transcendentalists and the early history of the Unitarian church. Join University Unitarian pilgrims and read Emerson’s speech to newly minted seminarians from the same pulpit he gave it from in 1838 and learn why it caused such a stir. Visit Thoreau’s cabin, swim in Walden pond and experience how a man who never had a steady job influenced Gandhi and MLK Jr. Read the words of Margaret Fuller, the first American feminist. Join this year’s pilgrimage and risk being transformed.

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