Celebrate the Future! New Minister! Shared Mission! Strong Community!

Pledge Drive  This year your Stewardship Committee is hoping to shrink the time line of the pledge drive in order to be able to provide a firm offer regarding compensation to the new minister we will be calling in May.  Pledge Sunday will be March 11th and we hope to have all pledges returned by April 1st.

   Saltwater, our religious and spiritual home, survives and thrives only because of those who donate their precious time, their valued talents and their hard-earned dollars to our church.

   Because of your generosity, our community provides caring for those in need, welcoming to new members, and support for the greater community.  Our many programs and activities provide something for everyone and assure a strong community.  We are fortunate to enjoy a property in a beautiful natural setting.

   The folks who care for our facility and pay our bills do an incredible job of keeping the leaks out and the heat and lights on.  As with our own homes, expenses continue to rise and we ask that you continue to support our community with the most generous economic participation possible.

  Next week: Where our money comes from and where it goes…


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