11:45 Call to order – Saphronia Young, Board President
Opening Words & Chalice Lighting – Susan Aigner & Janeane Weprin
11:50 Check-in & confirm quorum Quinn Rose, Vice President (25% required of 180 current members as of May 20, 2018.)
11:55 Review Meeting Minutes & Approve prior year’s Congregational Minutes and May 20, 2018 minutes –
Tawney Collins-Feay, Board Secretary Noon: Treasurer’s Report – Gaye Greeves
12:15 Presentation of the 2018-2019 Budget (Board) 12:20 Team Reports
1. Community 2. Stewardship 3. Learning 4. Worship 5. Social Responsibility & Justice
Each team will highlight their achievements for this past year, advise of goals for the coming year.
A four minute maximum per team is requested.
12:40 Vote on New Board – Vote for two of the following:
1. Bill Adams 2. Jeff Lipscomb 3. Anjali Lopez Stuitt 4. Ray Valpey 5.
Nominations from the Floor Voting will be by written ballot. Susan Aigner will be returning to her
slot on the Board from the MST, and Debra Valpey will leave the Board, having so graciously served in
Susan’s stead.
1:00 Vote on New Nominating Team–slate presented
1:10 SALTY Awards
1:20 Closing Words and Extinguishing Chalice -Debra

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