Lighthouse Chapel for Children and Youth

Image result for offering baskets for youth service“The offering will be received”. Baskets pass from hand to hand. Coins are dropped in by some, others add their “good wishes.” Together we sing the familiar hymn, “From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this, we live. . .”


Lighthouse chapel for children and youth is a regular experience for the young people at Saltwater. On months when we do not join the adults in the sanctuary for an intergenerational worship, one Sunday is set aside for the children and youth to gather to create their own worship experience together. Chapel worship contains all the same components included in the Sunday morning worship at Saltwater. Our young people light a chalice, share joys and sorrows, and pause for meditation and reflection. They join their voices in singing and join hands for the closing words. They engage with a message of hope or justice or love, wrestling with life’s big questions and the joys and challenges of being human.


Our “sermon time” may look a little different–with children acting out a story in costume, playing an active game which embodies the theme, or creating something which invites them to reflect on the day’s ideas. An active, experiential worship service that the children and youth help to create allows our young people to better appreciate and understand the flow of worship when they are with the adults in the sanctuary. Having the responsibility of leading portions of the service, whether extinguishing the chalice or ringing the chime as a younger child, or serving as a worship associate as an older child or youth, encourage a deeper sense of belonging and investment. Parents and other adults are welcome to join us for chapel. Our next chapel worship will be this Sunday, October 1, with the theme of the power of creativity. Children are encouraged to bring coins for the offering, which will benefit victims of the recent hurricanes. Come, let us worship together!

-Melinda Einander

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