Ministerial Search Team Week of January 28

Back in November we – the Search Team – released the congregational record to you – the beloved members and friends of Saltwater. Many of you will remember that the record presents a picture of who we are by detailing church history, presenting information about our financial standing through the years, and explaining the kind of minister we want.
The congregational record is accompanied by an informational packet that is meant to present the church to ministers in a more vivid and tangible way. Traditionally the packet has been presented in a three- ring binder, but now each search team builds a website to serve as it’s packet. The packet was a major undertaking. Although it was a team effort it is important to recognize Tom Spohn for his work, as Tom contributed the lion’s share of the time and energy that went into Saltwater’s packet for the 2017-2018 Ministerial Search. In addition to setting up the site, he curated images, videos, and information about each and every aspect of the church, and he made countless edits.
The packet offers a glimpse of our goals, hopes, and dreams. It displays the Saltwater campus and the people that work to make it what it is. It includes a summary of the cottage meeting answers, which provide a clear picture of what the congregation is seeking in a minister. Ultimately, the packet captures our community and our church as it is and as it wants to be.
You can see and enjoy the packet at this special website: or by searching for “saltwatermst mysite” in any web browser.

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