MST April Update and Reasons to Celebrate

In the summer of 2017, the Ministerial Search Team was commissioned to find the next minister. After a survey with about 140 respondents, 12 or 13 cottage meetings, a website (created solely for the search), 20 applicants, and 3 pre-candidating weekends, we can nearly say: “mission accomplished”.

At this point, we have made an offer to one of our pre-candidates and they have accepted. We are matched with the person that is the best fit for the position, and our candidate feels the same way. Like many of us the candidate has a passion for social justice and has spent much of her life fighting for noble causes. The candidate shares our values and throughout her life they’ve sought spiritual growth. Now, as our stories merge, she seeks to “dedicate her life to building [our] beloved community and walking alongside us in moments of joy and challenge.”1

We look forward to introducing her to you in person during Candidating Week: May 13th – 20th. For now, it’s important to acknowledge the milestone in the life of our congregation and to recognize those that made it possible. Before the Search Team was even formed there was work to do. The process of selecting the team had to be decided upon and then implemented. This work was done by the 2016-2017 board. We would especially like to thank former board chair, Lisa Key, for her role in asking each of us to participate in the search.

In the early stages of the Search we conducted an online survey and cottage meetings. This effort was led by Meri Murphy, but it wouldn’t have been the same without Pat Montgomery and Cuba Jiminez who were partnered with Meri to craft the questions used in the cottage meetings. Early on, the team was also assisted by Debra and Ray Valpey, who built the ministerial search display that has lived in the welcoming room for the past six months. Throughout the entire search, the team was supported by Judy Zimmerman our transitions coach, who also led the retreat that kicked off the work of searching for a minister. We were also supported by Tandi Rogers (our UUA District Representative) and Keith Kron, UUA Director of Transitions. Last but not least we often sought and received aid from our own minister Rev. Helen Carroll. Who not only advised us, but also spoke – very highly of us – to many applicants that contacted her with questions about Saltwater.

It has been a privilege serving as members of the search team, and we thank you all for this opportunity of a lifetime.

-Submitted by Daniel Nzabanita

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