A Look at the Big Picture

From the Nominating Team

Have you considered serving our church community in a leadership role, as a member of the Board of Directors? The role of the Board has changed considerably in recent years to align with our new Policy-Style Governance. The members of the Board are our visionary leaders. They are no longer charged with the day to day duties of running the church. Operations Teams are now responsible for these activities. The Board strives to promote our mission and vision, and further progress toward our Saltwater Church Vision 2020. Besides guiding this vital work, board members may also find opportunities to nurture personal and spiritual growth. This is an exciting time for our church family and the board, as we look forward to calling and working with a new settled minister. At our Congregational Meeting in June, we will be voting to approve two new board members for terms of 3 years, beginning July 1st.

If you are interested in learning more about serving on the Saltwater Church Board of Directors, please contact anyone on the Nominating Team.

Joanne Loeliger:  ejloeliger@aol.com  (206) 870-1939

Dorothy Burt: burt.dorothy@yahoo.com  (541) 602-3190

Kelsha Lipscomb: irishkels81@gmail.com  (253) 653-8278

Rosie Olds:  rolds60@outlook.com  (425) 442-7030


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