Ministry Start-Up Workshop on January 19, 2019

Join us for a Ministry Start-Up Workshop on January 19, 2019 led by our regional transition coach. The intention of this workshop is to help clarify roles and priorities now that Reverend Kristen has arrived as Saltwater’s settled Minister.

The whole congregation is invited to participate in Start-Up Saturday on January 19 from 10 pm to 12 pm in the Sanctuary and Welcoming Room. Rev. Judy Zimmerman, Pacific Western Region UUA Transitions Coach will be working with us to:

1) Establish priorities for the year of ministry ahead  

2) Develop a clear and shared understanding about the roles and responsibilities of the minister, congregation, and staff

3) Give Rev. Kristen insight into the values and culture of the congregation

4) Begin to develop a spiritually nourishing and deep working relationship

The Board and Operation Leads will also meet to develop a more refined work plan for the year and the start of our new ministry with Reverend Kristen. Please come and contribute to shaping our congregational year, creating a thriving shared ministry, and welcoming Reverend Kristen

The morning session is open to the whole congregation, then a lunch of leaders, followed by an afternoon session from 1-3 pm with staff and key leaders of the congregation.

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