Pulpit Announcements on Sunday Morning

Many of you have shared your wish to have announcements in worship so that you have one more way to find out how to get involved. I want to share that the worship team has created an announcements policy. We will be accepting announcement requests that serve the mission of the church and are relevant to the whole congregation. Each week, up to three announcements will be shared by the Minister or worship associate after the welcome. Requests will be approved by the Minister or Lay Leader for that Sunday. If you would like to submit a request, you can use the Calendar and Publicity Request form on the website under the News tab http://saltwaterchurch.org/calendar/calendar-request/. Requests are due by Wednesday at noon for that coming Sunday. The full policy is below and paper announcement request forms are available in the welcome area and at the office. Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions: minister@saltwaterchurch.org. –Rev. Kristen Kuriga

Announcements from the Pulpit Policy
Worship Operations Team
November 20, 2018

1. Announcements that are shared from the pulpit on Sunday morning shall serve the mission of the church and be relevant to the entire congregation.
2. Announcements will be approved by the Minister. If the Minister is not leading worship, the announcements will be approved by the lay leader or worship associate leading service that week.
3. There will be no more than three announcements per Sunday. Not all requests will be able to be approved given the limitation on the scope and number of announcements.
4. The announcements will be read by the Minister or worship associate.
5. Before submitting a request for a verbal announcement from the pulpit, you are invited to use the many forms of communication with the congregation that are available, including:  The News You Need to Know, Friday electronic newsletter, Saltwater UU community facebook group, and checking with an Operations Team Lead about the possibility of posting on a bulletin board in the worship space.
6. The announcement needs to be submitted by Wednesday at noon before the Sunday Service in order to be considered.
7. Announcements can be submitted by using the Calendar and Publicity Request form on the website under the News tab, http://saltwaterchurch.org/calendar/calendar-request/.  In the publicity section, please indicate that you are requesting a pulpit announcement. You may also make a request by using a paper form that is available in the welcoming area or in the church office. The paper copies can be turned into the office.

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