Saltwater Church Pledge Drive & an Update on our Relationship with the Himawari Language Program

Our annual pledge drive continues this week. Like all Unitarian Universalist congregations, Saltwater Church is a fully self-supporting organization. Together we raise funds for the operating budget, building maintenance, and all our programs. Our goal for this year is $260,000.

Thank-you to everyone who has already turned in their pledge. You can return your pledge card in person on Sunday mornings to the treasure box on the pledge table, by mail or email, or by calling the church office. The end of our pledge drive is Sunday, April 21. We celebrate every pledge as an expression of care and commitment!

I also want to share an update about our relationship with the Himawari Language Program. After a sixteen-year relationship, this will be the final year of the daytime language program. Next year, Himawari plans to offer a 2-hour per week afternoon class. Kazuyo, the Director of the Program shared that the daytime program is ending due to decreased attendance.

With this comes both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is that we have less guaranteed rental income than we were budgeting for the next church year. The opportunity is that the space is available for us to find a new rental relationship. We are able to rent to enrichment programs that meet for 4 hours or less per day that are not child care or official pre-schools. Please think about potential renters that might be a good fit for our church community. Do you have networks or relationships that we can reach out to? If you have ideas or questions, please be in touch: Rev. Kristen, or 206-651-7358.

I am grateful for all that you do to help the Saltwater Church community thrive!

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