Saltwater Church Remains Closed 2/13

Dear Saltwater Community,

The church remains closed today, Wednesday February 13th. While the main roads are cleared, many of our neighborhood roads have not been plowed and are not yet safe for driving . We continue to follow the lead of the Highline and Federal Way School Districts, which are both closed today. Staff continues to work from home and is available by email.

We are working to make the church safe and accessible so we can restart programming, activities, and prepare for Sunday worship services.

Yesterday, CJ Lewis, our administrator was able to get to the church campus and assess what’s needed in order to reopen the church. The church still has 3-4 inches of ice and slush in our driveway and walkways, and the flat roofs of the sanctuary and welcoming room need to be cleared of snow. Additionally, many large branches have fallen on the property from the wind. At this time we don’t see evidence of any damage to our structures.

We had hoped that the rain and rise in temperature would melt the snow sufficiently to reopen the church. Yet the amount of snow we’ve had and the shadiness of the campus has not allowed the campus to thaw on it’s own.

In consultation with Karin Leisy, Lead of facilities and grounds, Susan Aigner, Board President, and CJ Lewis, office administrator, we have decided that the church will remain closed until a professional snow removal company is able to clear the parking lots, driveway, walkways and roofs of ice and snow. I have contacted several companies for snow removal, and we have secured a quote for removal.

We will be sure to keep you updated as we make progress towards getting the church safe and accessible. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you at church again soon!

Rev. Kristen

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