Volunteering With Children and Youth



At any one time, dozens of people are working on making the Religious Education program the best it can be. The collective efforts and active participation of Saltwater Church members and friends are at the heart of all of our classes for children and youth. 


We rely on their energy, talent, and commitment. In turn, this is a rewarding, significant, and joyful way in which to be involved in this community—putting your faith into action.


You can get involved to hold babies, hang out with teens, play with preschoolers, in work parties, in event planning and supervising, as a song leader, storyteller, musician, playground repairer, driver, cook, sleepover assistant, costumer, photographer, or serve on the Family Ministries Team.


If you would like to enrich your life by joining our volunteer team, please speak with the Director of Family Ministries or a member of the Family Ministries Team to discover a job that will fit your time and talents.


All persons working unsupervised with our children and youth—i.e. teachers, youth advisors, coming of age mentors, etc.—must sign our Code of Ethics and receive a Washington State Patrol Background Check on crimes against persons.


There are also many ways in which a person may volunteer to help with the Religious Education program that are not directly related to working with children and everyone’s help is expected and appreciated.



Religious Education Teachers

Our volunteer teachers are committed, energetic, and positive models for our children and youth. They share a common interest in children and a commitment to guiding their education and spiritual discovery, with Unitarian Universalist curriculum as the prime resource. Teachers attend training sessions and then work in teams every Sunday throughout the year. There is a lead teacher and an assistant in each classroom every Sunday, and the curriculum is prepared for you in advance.  We have teachers who return year after year, and also opportunities for new people to be involved as classroom teachers, substitutes, and many other ways. We need classroom volunteers that are male, female, elders, young adults, parents, and grand parents, and everyone in between to offer a safe and diverse program. Parents can't do it all, and we believe in a community of helping, caring adults. This way our children and youth have experiences with many different perspectives.



Family Ministries Team

This leadership team guides, supports, and assists Saltwater Church's programs, curriculum, and activities for children, youth, and their families. The Family Ministries Team meets monthly. Contact team chair Meiling Sproger for more information.



Other Volunteer Opportunities

Parents of children enrolled in the church school are expected to contribute their time and talent in some way. Other members and friends of Saltwater Church are also welcome—and encouraged—to volunteer with our children and youth.

Here are some examples of non-teaching volunteer opportunities:

  • Assisting with our Lighthouse Chapel for Children and Youth on some first Sundays.
  • Driving on field trips
  • Organizing and helping with special events and projects
  • Baking treats or cooking for special gatherings
  • Serving as a mentor in the Coming of Age program
  • Being an advisor to the high school youth group or a chaperone at special youth events
  • Providing childcare on occasion for church-wide events

For more information, see Volunteering with Children and Youth FAQ.