New Volunteer Opportunity:  Mentoring New Members

The membership development team is undertaking a new endeavor to help new members feel more connected to our church family.  After signing our membership book, new members are assigned a mentor from the congregation to serve as a friendly contact for them.  Some ways that members might wish to connect with new members are to sit next to the new member during service, seeking them out for coffee and conversation, exchanging telephone numbers, email or social media info., inviting them to meetings and activities, and other creative ways the mentor and mentee come up with. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Bev Ross at 908-319-9207, or sign up in August on the sign up sheet near the bulletin board in the welcoming room.

Getting to Know Each Other Gatherings

The membership development team is offering a new opportunity for people, particularly visitors to our church.  Beginning in September, on the 3rd Sunday of the month, after service, visitors, friends and members are invited to get to know one another and learn about our church.  Interested folks can grab a treat and a drink and head to the office building for fellowship fun.  This is an informal session for visitors to meet a few members and learn more about our church. 

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