Board Candidates for Fiscal 2018-2019

Several Saltwater members have submitted their names as candidates for the Board of Directors.  Here are their bio submissions:

Ray Valpey
Ray has been a member of the church for 36 years. He sings in the choir. Over the years, he has co-facilitated several ARE workshops and Chalice Circles with his wife, Debra, and has served on various committees, including the search committee which found Rev. James.  Ray was a board member and vice-president in the 1980s, and now that he’s retired, he figures that it’s time that he could serve again.”

Jeffry Lipscomb
I joined the Saltwater Unitarian Universalist church in 1996, and have fallen in love with this establishment since I got here. When I arrived, I was medically disabled and started off working on the property and grounds maintenance. Since then I have volunteered in a wide variety of areas, including the Lighthouse for the YRUU, the Membership Development Team, the Spring Retreat team, as well as being an Usher, and service projectionist. I spent a large amount of time leading the IT team, which included establishing the wired and wireless networks, that we use on a regular basis. Some of my fondest memories included tearing down some walls in the main building, to remove some of the old offices, after building them many years ago. I want to make it up to the church for all the support it has given me since I joined, and give respect to all the members of the congregation. Being on the board would enable me to make it up to this church, the members, as well as the administrative establishment. I feel that some of the members of this church have been close friends, and mentors to me, and have helped guide me down the path I follow at this time. I owe it to this church, and hope that being chosen for being on the board, will give me the chance to make it up to the family that I have always had, and are deep in my heart always.

Anjali Lopez
I have been a member of Saltwater Unitarian Church for 14 years. Saltwater Church is an important and sweet part of my life, it is where I feel at home and where I can give to our small community and the larger village.
I have had the honor of contributing to our community in several ways: I have been on the Board and was Board President during our last minister’s sabbatical. I have been on the Stewardship team for four years, and the auction team for five years. I enjoy being part of what helps our church grow and become an inviting place for new and seasoned members.
I am interested in being on the board now to not only be at the beginning of our next chapter, but also to support our new minister in her next chapter. I am inspired and invigorated by the transformation our church has been through and whether I am chosen to be on the Board or not, I look forward to see what we will create.


Bill Adams
I’m Bill Adams and I’m a candidate for election to one of the 2 open positions on the Board of Directors. This is my 7th year with Saltwater. I have had the pleasure of serving the church as usher, worship associate, church photographer, member of the Outreach & Welcoming team and member of Saltwater Climate Action Now! (SCAN) team. I’m a college graduate with a bachelor’s in business administration degree from the University of Puget Sound. Counting 3 years in the Air Force after graduation, I had 40 years in the workforce primarily 7 years as business reporter, reporting supervisor and editor for Dun & Bradstreet followed by 28+ years with the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company. I worked in the Renton Commercial Aircraft Contracts organization developing contract language for sales agreements and providing negotiation support as well as direct negotiations with Boeing’s aircraft customers. I took early retirement 20+ years ago to enjoy non-business travel, photography and more time at the family summer home. I’m confident that I can use my life experiences plus my experience and service within the church to serve you well on the Board of Directors. If you agree, please vote “Yes” for Bill Adams. Thanks!


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