Candidating Week and How We Vote for a Settled Minister

Candidating Week is here!
We want to assure you all get to know Rev. Kristen Kuriga during this next week. Our goal is that everyone learns everything they need this week to make an informed vote next Sunday, May 20 at 12:00 in the Sanctuary.

So check out the schedule of events which has something for EVERYONE. They are ALL open to anyone, whether you are a regular member of the hosting committee or no, whether you are a visitor to Saltwater or a member.  At each session, Rev. Kristen will have questions for you and time for questions from you. There will also be a notepad-carrying-leader of our congregation there to collect your key questions and comments to share back with the church leadership. We hope you will talk directly with Rev. Kristen with your questions or concerns, but we will also have contact information for the member of the Ministerial Search Team whom you can contact any time during the week with further questions or comments for or about her.

On Sunday, May 20 at noon, the Saltwater Board will call to order the special congregational meeting which is solely for the purpose of a vote on our only candidate, Rev. Kristen Kuriga. Only current members of Saltwater Church may vote at this meeting, but you must be present at the meeting to vote, so PLEASE attend!

AFTER the meeting has been opened and just prior to the vote, our Ministerial Search Team will give a brief summary of frequently asked questions, answers and comments from the week with our only candidate, Rev. Kristen Kuriga. We need 25% of membership to be present at the meeting to meet quorum requirements and 75% or more of those present to vote positively to call her. After the vote, we immediately call Rev. Kristen to tell her the vote in numbers. Ministers hope for more than a quorum present at the meeting and most expect more than 90% positive vote to consider ACCEPTING a congregation’s call to ministry. So it is very important members attend and vote! And if we do vote to call her and she accepts, we will immediately have an ice cream social party to celebrate!

Enjoy this week!

How will the vote to call or not call Rev. Kuriga proceed?

  1. On May 20, 2018 after the service, she will leave the church.
  2. We will file back into the sanctuary after coffee, checking in to ensure that members only are admitted and given a ballot.
  3. There will be an explanation of procedures followed by an introduction to the candidate, a brief presentation of questions and comments collected by the Ministerial Search Team, and a short period of discussion.
  4. We will vote. Your choices are: (a) yes; (b) no; (c) abstain (abstain counts as a ‘no’).
  5. The Board will count the ballots. We need a minimum of 75% of the persons present to vote ‘yes’ to call her.

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