Involvement Sunday: Your Participation Matters

What is “Involvement Sunday”?
On Sunday, September 23rd we offered an Involvement Sunday–a time to learn about participation and connection with UUism at all levels.  Rev. Dennis shared a sermon, “Being UU in These Times,” everyone was invited to answer an interest survey/questionnaire developed by the Operations Leads, and visit tables after the service to talk with representatives of Saltwater teams to learn more about the work done in our programs.  This work can be large ongoing projects, small one-time activities or many things in-between.

Oh no!  I missed Involvement Sunday!
That’s okay.  If you weren’t able to attend, read below for more about why and how to get involved.

Why Should I Get Involved?
With involvement you can:
  • help promote UU values within our region and communities,
  • support activities and programs at Saltwater church,
  • find new opportunities to connect with others,
  • participate in ongoing programs,
  • plan or assist with short term projects,
  • build skills and abilities you didn’t know you had,
  • feel the reward of being involved with making things better!!
How do I Get Involved?
  • Think about the kinds of activities you’ve enjoyed in the past and what areas you’d like to explore to grow and contribute in new ways.
  • Fill out the survey from the Operations Leads so we can learn about your interests:
  • Talk with team members of any of our leadership teams to learn more about the many opportunities for you to connect and contribute to Saltwater programs and our wider community.  Visit the “Operations Team” page under Worship, Learning, Justice, Community, or Stewardship for contact information or to learn more.
  • Starting in January, enjoy your new opportunity to support and be part of all that happens in our church!

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