Lama Karma Samten will join the Meditation Group 10/29/2019

Meditation Group October 29
7– 9pm

Lama Karma Samten will join us at Saltwater. Lama was born in Western Tibet. At five he began his education in Buddhist studies. With the occupation of Tibet in 1959, he escaped to India as a young boy. All thirteen members of his family died during the journey – he is the only survivor. Lama now teaches in the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, in many areas of western society in schools, in the health care sector with professionals and patients, in hospices and residential homes for the elderly, and at inter-faith and inter-religious conferences. He has published many books, including “Living with Death and Dying,” about traditional Buddhist practice. He is an artist and musician, recording the 2004 Grammy Award winning CD “Sacred Tibetan Chant – the Monks of Sherab Ling” as well as a series of Tibetan chants called “The Sounds of Liberation”.

All teachings are offered free, but a donation is welcomed. For details, contact Jean Spohn,

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