Ministerial Search Team Update

In this new year I am grateful for all the time and energy you all have contributed to the process of ministerial search.  We asked all of you to participate in our cottage meetings and survey, and so many of you stepped up.  With participation rates well above average, we feel like we got a good sense of what we are looking for.  We then went on to create the Congregational Record, Draft Contract, and the marketing website or “Packet”, each of which took an astounding amount of detail.  And many of you, both those in the thick of church business now and those who’ve put the hours in years ago, stepped up again and again to provide various information to give a well-rounded picture of our congregation past and present. Thank you


Even before the job posting opened (December 1), we knew that prospective ministers had been asking around about us.  On January 2, the ministerial search team received a stack of ministerial records (think resumes in the form of short answer essay tests with no word limits) and began the process to select folks to interview.  Then deeply reading each of their website (aka Packets) before conducting multiple hour-long interviews by Zoom.  We’ll check references and run background checks.  Then select a handful to meet in person.  Meetings, sermons, more reference checks… This process will run until early April before we are allowed to invite a minister to candidate with us.  We will be committing many hours each week to the work of the church.  Our busy season is upon us.  We’ve got a strong ship, you’ve provisioned us well.  The seas and skies look promising.  There is every indication that the right minister for Saltwater is in this bunch, now to find them.


Our next big ask of you: Provide Sanctuary.  This is the part of the process that we have to hold confidential.  We need to respect the applicants and their current positions/congregations and stick to the best practices we know.  We want to do our best work for you, which means we can’t tell you much.   If and when you see us at church, provide sanctuary, love us, allow us a break from the labors of this ministerial search.  Talk about the service, hobbies, families, food, leave church business for another day.  If you have questions about the process, Reverend Helen is a great resource, she’s been through this before.


Thank you for being part of our amazing community and allowing us to partake as well.

-Amanda Radak, Ministerial Search Team member

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