A New Chalice for Saltwater

We have the funds and at last it can happen! We are getting a new chalice in celebration of a new ministry at our church. A Friday Harbor UU Fellowship member, Kat Rose, is an accomplished potter who has accepted the commission of making a new chalice for our table. You may have seen Kat’s work at General Assemblies and regional assemblies since she often has a booth for selling her wares. If you would like to see some of her work, check out her website at flamingchalice.com or her Facebook page: Flaming Chalice. We have choices to make regarding the color and any embellishments for the chalice. It will be “boat” shaped in the style of the UUA and it is so appropriate for Saltwater to have a boat. Several photos will be posted on the Worship Petal board in the Welcoming Room in the coming days. You will have the opportunity to vote on color and embellishments (ferns, flowers, shells, UU symbol, etc.), and we can have lettering on it too, if we like. The new chalice will be installed during the month of May so we need to make our choices soon. Take a look at the representative photos and see what is available. Karen Worship Petal Lead

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