Weekly E-mail sent March 24, 2023

This week’s newsletter is now available¬†here.

Please join us this Sunday for our multi platform service at 10:30am. Service can be viewed in person or over Zoom via our Church Zoom Room.

This weekend launches our 2023-2024 Pledge Drive. Join us in person and participate in our mural creation as we celebrate our ability to rise and thrive. There will also be a reception in the Welcome Room following service to express our gratitude to Maia Bjornson for her service to our community. Read our newsletter for additional details about these events and so many more.

Are you planning to attend this year’s UUA General Assembly? Read the “From Our Leadership” section to discover how you can apply to be a Saltwater delegate. There are many ways you can interact with and support our community. Our newsletter has all the details to point you in a direction that best fits your interests.

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