The Board of Directors is the visionary body of Saltwater Church, asking and answering the question, “Why do we do what we do?”

Saltwater Church has six Board Members.  These individuals are nominated and elected into their positions and typically serve a 3-year term.  Officer roles include Board President, Board Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Treasurer may be a Board Member or another member of our church.  The Board will also supports the committees of the Board, the Healthy Congregation Team and the Nominating Team, and the Taskforces convened by the Board; the Reopening Taskforce, the Pandemic Taskforce, and the Safety Taskforce. If you have any questions about the work of the Board feel free to reach out to any of our Board members. Their email addresses can be found in the directory or by contacting Katherine, our Office Administrator at  

Board Focus for this Church Year 

The focus of the Board’s work for this church year has been split into two parts. In Fall/Winter, the Board will be reading and learning together through the UUA report Widening the Circle of Concern.  We are learning how we as a faith can move forward to be truly welcoming to all people.  In Winter/Spring we will be facilitating a visioning process for the congregation informed by our learnings in the Fall. 

The 2021-2022 Board of Directors are:

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meet monthly from 7-9 p.m in the Saltwater Church Zoom Room. All church Members are welcome to attend virtually. In January and through the rest of the church year, Board meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Please let the President know if you plan to join us, and introduce yourself when you sign in.

Board Minutes 

We are currently updating our website with more recent meeting minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Current Taskforces

Reopening Taskforce: Our Reopening Taskforce meets regularly to review our sucesses as we reopen after two years of the pandemic shut down. They identify our next steps and recruit the volunteers that are needed to implement their action plan.

Pandemic Taskforce: Our Pandemic Taskforce consists of medical professionals and other volunteers that stay aware of current federal, state, and local pandemic guidelines. They watch the reported infection rates and work closely with our Board and Reopening Taskforce.

Safety Taskforce: Our Saftey Taskforce meets monthly in the Church Zoom Room. Their current focus is on our security, our outdoor lighting, and updating our emergency practices.

Nominations Committee (NomCom)

This team is responsible for finding volunteers for two positions on the Church Board and two positions for the “NomCom” itself. Team members serve a two-year commitment. The meeting time is variable. If you are interested in participating on the nominating team, please contact one of our current NomCom members.

Healthy Congregation Team

Why have a Healthy Congregation Team at Saltwater Church?

At Saltwater Church, we recognize that occasional conflict is natural in any organization and that the difference between healthy and unhealthy organizations is not whether conflict is present, but how it is addressed. We want to address conflict in a healthy manner, and the Healthy Congregation Team helps us to this.

More specifically, the Healthy Congregation Team has three purposes:

To promote healthy communication practices within the congregation.

To consult with any member of the congregation regarding how to deal with any situation that has the potential for conflict.

To help resolve conflict between members of the congregation.

To find out more about the Healthy Congregation team and how to contact them, click here.