Our Annual Retreat at Seabeck includes 6 meals – no cooking! – and programs and activities for all ages. Make this a traditional get away with your community where we embrace our values during a fun weekend together.  You can attend full time Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, or part-time.  Programs include a Friday night in-gathering, workshops (mostly on Saturday), and Sunday Worship Service.

Seabeck Retreat 2022 – DRAMA!
Payment & Registration by MARCH 29
Lodging allocated on first come, first served basis

Don’t miss this opportunity for a weekend getaway with your family and communit0y. This year’s theme is DRAMA! – dramatic rituals, arts, music and AWE! Costs are determined by your chosen lodging. Saltwater’s choices are: Annex, Huckleberry, Madrona, Reeser, Tamarack, (and if we need more, Firs). Money must be collected as soon as possible. We (the Saltwater Stewardship Team) add 10% to the Seabeck cost, for our added expenses. PLEASE ADD YOUR ADDITIONAL 10% TO YOUR PAYMENT. If you have any questions, contact Saphronia Young, saphroniayoung@comcast.net


SIGNING UP: Please fill out the roster with ALL information. At the top right, in the blank white space, write your preferred accommodation. If you do not NEED a less-abled accommodation, please consider the folks who do …and step over to an older building. Keep in mind, only service animals are permitted on campus. Mail or deliver all your registration materials and payment to the church office.

PROGRAMMING: We are planning limited programs. Friday night in-gathering, Saturday morning Ritual Drama workshop, talent show, and Sunday worship service. The remaining programs are by you! Please come and share.

DEADLINES: MARCH 29, 2022 – This is a hard date, no exceptions.