The Role of Delegates
At GA 2024, Unitarian Universalists will cast their final votes on the proposed revised version of Article II, which includes the current UUA purposes, principles, sources, and clauses on inclusion and freedom of belief.  Because GA 2024 is all online, you can attend from anywhere that you can access the internet.

The Board is looking for a panel of delegates to participate in the business meetings, including the mini-assembly (Monday, June 3, 2024 at 4:00 pm PT)  to vote on Rules of Procedure for GA 2024.

At Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church
We Practice Love, Foster Connection, Nurture Spiritual Growth, Act for Justice

Online applications will be sent directly to Aida Sanchez-Vela, Board President, for Board review. All submissions are due by May 19, 2024. For a printable copy click here. You may contact the Office Administrator for additional assistance.

General Assembly is all online this year. There is no charge for certified delegates to attend the business meetings only (a donation is requested, not required, to support the cost of the infrastructure.)

If you wish to attend the workshops, worship and networking events, online registration is $315 through May 15; $400 after that. We have limited funds available to provide partial support for the cost of full virtual registration for delegates. 

For more and updated information on General Assembly, please see the UUA website: