Adopted June 13, 2021

This covenant is our commitment to relate with one another in ways that uphold our values as Unitarian Universalists. We, members, friends, staff, minister, and lay leaders, are united in our commitment to treat one another with dignity and work towards fulfilling our mission as a church. Conflict is normal, and when engaged with intentionally, can bring opportunities for growth. We acknowledge that we will make mistakes and fail one another. When we do, we commit to return to right relationship. When we are unwilling to take the necessary steps to return to right relations with this covenant, the Church By-Laws and Non-Covenantal Behavior Policy will be consulted for next steps. This solemn document is a sacred promise we make to each other.

As a member or friend of SUUC, I covenant to:

  1. Speak honestly about my own experiences and invite others to do the same.
  2. Practice active listening and allow room for silence.
  3. Honor each person’s inherent worth and dignity and treat each other with kindness in order to foster a community of care
  4. Consider asking questions about each other’s personal stories and spiritual sources and keep myself open to deep reflection and an understanding of alternative perspectives.
  5. Assume others’ positive intent and equal commitment to our values and mission.
  6. Consider the potential impact of my words and actions, knowing that intent and impact are not always the same.
  7. Reflect on how my words or actions may affect marginalized people, communities beyond our church walls, and the earth.
  8. Listen to ways I have impacted another person when a concern arises. I will seek to make amends and seek repair of the harm I have caused when I have broken covenant.
  9. Give voice to my discomfort, in a timely manner, when I perceive behaviors to be out of covenant. I will practice being proactive so others may clarify, apologize, or reconcile as appropriate.
  10. Communicate directly, in person or by phone, in times of conflict. When I am unable to do so, or need further support, I will seek assistance from the Healthy Congregation Team.