Governance refers to the way we organize our leadership and run our church.  Here’s an explanation of how we govern ourselves here at Saltwater Church:

Saltwater Church practices Policy-Style Governance.  Under this style, leadership is broken down into two main groups: Visionary and Operations.

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The Visionary Group is the Board of Directors.

They ask and answer the question, “Why do we do what we do?”

The Shared Ministry Leadership Team is made up of the Minister, Staff, Lay Leaders, and our worship team.  They ask and answer the question, “How do we do what we do?”

As mentioned above, the Operation Leads coordinate and facilitate the work of each of the five operation areas. Click on the operation area for more information.

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Between these two groups is the Executive Team, which is made up of the Board President, Board Vice President, Minister, and an Operation Lead.  They work together to determine if items need to go to the Visionary Group (Board) or Operations Group.

We have been progressing toward Policy-Style Governance for many years through the work of previous Boards of Directors.  In 2016, we made a major shift to this style of governing ourselves, which, in turn, has lead to more shared leadership and increased creativity and collaboration.  It is a side-by-side model as opposed to a top-down model.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how we operate at Saltwater UU Church, check out our guiding documents.