There is a phone app available to download onto your phone. The application allows you to arm and disarm the security system without having to enter a building or be on campus. The application will track your personal use of the program and will provide a report to the church administrator. Many find the app to be more convenient than using the key pads that are located in our facilities. If you wish to use the app please fill out this request form.

Requirements to qualify to use the phone application

  • Applicant must be approved to have their own security access code
  • Applicant must have a cell phone and be able to download the app onto their phone

You will receive an email from the Saltwater UU Church Administrator within 7 days of submitting your request. Once it is processed, you will be sent an invite from the phone app to the email address you provided. The invite will include instructions for downloading the app and how to log in the first time. If you wish to download the application ahead of time you can find the application listed under the name “”.

If you have any difficulties submitting this request, please email