ALERT: Email Scam Currently Circulating

Dear Saltwater Community,

I hope that you and your family are well.

You may have received an e-mail that looks like it is from Rev. Kristen asking for you to contact her for an urgent need, favor, or special request. This email is sent from a fake email account!


Do not click on anything in the e-mail and do not respond. Please delete the email and empty your trash.

It is also important to check your contacts and make sure that you have the correct email address for Rev. Kristen: or

Ministers throughout the country are experiencing increased scam attempts. Most often, this happens through the person creating a fake email account that looks like the minister’s account. We have also heard of scam attempts through texting and calling through zoom accounts.

Please know that Rev. Kristen will not contact you through these means for gifts cards or urgent requests for a favor or support. If an email or communication does not sound like it is from Rev. Kristen, it probably isn’t. Please check before responding to anything if you have questions.

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