Meeting Materials for Annual Congregational Meeting, June 13, 2021

These materials are being posted in preparation for our Congregational Meeting on June 13, 2021 at 11:45 AM. We hope you will attend this all-important annual business meeting of the congregation.

We will be voting on the new Board and Nominating Team members and to approve the new proposed Covenant of Right Relations. To vote at this meeting you must be a member for at least 20 days prior to the meeting. If you have questions about your membership status and your ability to vote, please contact Gaye Greeves, Treasurer, at

The meeting will be held via Zoom, shortly after the music service on June 13. Please be sure to update the Zoom version on your device before the meeting. For information about connecting via Zoom and updating your version of Zoom please click here.

Important Attachments
To prepare for the meeting, links to the following items have been provided:

  1. All the documents in one file to download
  2. The agenda for the meeting
  3. The minutes of the June 2020 Congregational Meeting
  4. The information on the Board and Nominating Committee candidates
  5. The proposed Covenant of Right Relations
  6. Instructions on how to access and update Zoom
    *** The FY21-22 Budget (if you would like a copy of the line item budget, please email Gaye Greeves,