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Steering in a Tornado: A Field Guide

LIZ JAMES from the UU hysterical society returns! She writes: I recently overheard one of my teenagers saying “In my day…” to his younger brother. Well. In my day, you had to be old enough to shave before you got to say “in my day”. … read more.

Earth Day: Honoring Our Blue Boat Home

Rev. Alison and participants in Saltwater Climate Action Now! (SCAN!) share a mutligenerational service to inspire people of all ages to care for the lands, waters, and fellow creatures of our Earthly home.

Peace Like a River

The 6th Unitarian Universalist Principle calls on us to affirm and promote, “the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all,” and the proposed UU values statement “declare[s] that every person has the right to flourish with inherent dignity and worthiness.” Rev. … read more.

Joyful Community

Ours is a joyful community made up of members and friends who come together of our own free will to put our mission into action. Today, we’ll experience the joy of co-creation during our Sunday service, making an art installation together in real time, guided … read more.

Thoughts & Reflections from Your Lay Ministers

Listening is, as you can imagine, so much more than NOT talking. It is an active process that honors the inner strength of both the listener and the one being listened to, and serves as a witness to your pain and discomfort. Join your lay … read more.

Celebrating Community!

We are Saltwater UU Church! Come join us as we welcome new members, acknowledge our dedicated volunteers, and celebrate that all of us have freely chosen to be part of this beloved community.