Music & Spirituality: How They Intertwine in my Life–Online Worship through Zoom

Carolyn Cruso, Guest Musician and Speaker

Music and spirituality are inherently interwoven. The word inspiration contains the root for to breathe in; to infuse, as in with life; to animate.  Animate comes from the Latin for soul.  We play music and our souls are animated.  Carolyn shares with us her journey, musings and distillation of much reading on the subject revealing that playing music is a spiritual practice and a devotion.

Carolyn Cruso’s Bio: Wielding two guitars, a hammered dulcimer, and her voice, Carolyn Cruso roams the back roads of the country and of the mind taking the listener on a journey of beauty, redemption, compassion and humor.  She is also an environmental science educator for youth aged six to fourteen. She makes her home in the San Juan Islands where she lives with her beloved partner David, and Zoe the cat.

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