Unitarian Universalist Prayer

Rev. Kristen Kuriga

Online worship through zoom

November & December’s Theme: Spirit
In the months of November and December we’ll explore our relationship to
something larger than ourselves which has many names and expressions: spirit, God,
Goddess, great mystery, creation, nature, and all that might be, to name just a
few. Through this exploration we will reflect on our own personal spiritual
journeys, engage in spiritual practice, and ask questions that will bring us
deeper into relationship with ourselves, one another, and the spirit of life
and love. Join us as we journey together!

To access Zoom, go to https://saltwaterchurch.org/calendar/zoom-room/ and
click on “To join a meeting—click here.” Or from the main church webpage,
select Zoom Room from the drop down menu under “news and events” on the top
menu bar. If this is your first time using Zoom, follow the prompts to download
the application to your computer. It will be helpful if you have a high-speed
internet connection.  For some connections, a pair of headphones will
be helpful (a simple pair of earbuds will do.) 

If you would prefer to join by phone, dial 1-669-900-6833 and enter
Meeting ID: 736 142 4210 when prompted.  Long distance charges may
apply, so it is best to call from a cell phone.   If you have a
smartphone, you can download the Zoom app and join with Meeting ID: 736
142 4210 for video and audio connection.

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