UU Spiritual Practice

Rev. Kristen Kuriga

Spiritual practice teaches us to slow down, to listen deeply, and to open ourselves to the wisdom inside of us and to the wisdom that is larger than us. Spiritual practice can renew us when we’re weary, create space to integrate the experiences of our lives, and strengthen our capacity to not turn away from difficult moments and the struggles in our communities. Join us to learn about the history and theology of UU Spiritual Practice and experience practices that support centering and healing.

“We can derive immeasurable benefit from spending just a little bit of time each day nurturing our spiritual life. The benefits are feeling more calm, a feeling of being more available to oneself and to other people, of being more loving, of being in touch with a joy that does not depend on whether our outward circumstances are happy or not. It means getting in touch more often with the deep currents and purposes of our lives.” -Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube

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