Waters of Our Community

Rev. Kristen Kuriga

On Sunday, September 8th, we will celebrate the start of the church year with our Water Communion ritual. I invite you to bring a small amount of water with you from somewhere local: the sound, a stream or lake, collected rainwater, or even water from your kitchen faucet. In our ritual we will be celebrating the gifts we each bring to this community and where we hope to journey together in the coming year. 

September’s Theme: Expectation
In the month of September we’ll explore together the theme of expectation. What expectations do we have of ourselves and this community? When do we need to let go of our expectations? Can failing to meet expectations be an opportunity for growth? Soul Matters describes being a people of expectation as the practice of trusting our longings and allowing hope to widen our view. Join us to deepen our faith together.

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