Speaker: Liz James

Liz James is the founder of a 200,000-person online UU community called the Unitarian
Universalist Hysterical Society (UUHS); half of The Cracked Cup podcast; and working on a
book with Skinner House Press.
Liz is based out of Saskatchewan, where she is building a tiny house with her own two hands.
She believes in a Unitarian Universalism that is filled with meaning and joy, and that sees
change as an adventure.

Inherent Mirth and Dignity

What do you do when the life you’d imagined for yourself is stuck in committee? Join us for the story of the UU Hysterical Society—a 200,000-person group on Facebook. It’s a story of feeling lost, finding yourself, and a practical joke gone right with UUHS founder Liz James.