(Adopted at a congregational meeting on December 2, 2008)


We, the friends and members of Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church, create a safe and sacred space for our interactions. By treating each other fairly and respectfully, we foster the bonds of community. By supporting one another’s self development and spiritual growth, we commit ourselves to improving the quality of our own lives. By holding covenant of right relations with each other, we allow diversity and independence to thrive and encourage ourselves to use our skills and talents in meaningful and responsible ways.

This document marks the covenant we each make with ourselves, other congregants, the minister, the staff, the board of the church and other church committees, and the community at large. We accept this covenant solemnly and in good faith, with the understanding that it simply offers guidelines for the conduct of these relationships.


  1. I will honor my gifts and resources and will volunteer to share them with others while maintaining healthy boundaries. I do so in order to strengthen this congregation and to encourage all of us on our unique and individual spiritual paths.
  2. I will affirm our common connections within this diverse community to promote empathy and understanding in my interactions with others. There are many spiritual values and by respecting other faiths and practices, I build kinship.
  3. In times of conflict, I will speak with a compassionate heart and an open mind directly to those parties involved. I will seek guidance from the Healthy Congregations Team when I am unable to do so, as sometimes I will need the perspective of others in order to deepen my own connections and insights.
  4. In my humanness, I will err from time to time; hence, I will practice apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Active listening and loving kindness will go a long way to healing a hurt.
  5. Words are nuanced and can carry many connotations. Therefore, I will endeavor to be forthright in my words and actions. I will help maintain an appealing and safe church facility to show I cherish our space. And I will promote issues of the greater community that either affect or promote our Unitarian Universalist values to show I treasure our beliefs.
  6. I believe in the inherit worth and dignity of all, and therefore I will treat the minister, the staff, the members and friends of this community with respect. I will view it as a spiritual practice those times when it is difficult to do so.
  7. I will respect the roles and positions individuals may hold in this community. I appreciate that others have chosen these paths as a meaningful way to serve our congregation so that I may practice my own spirituality.