Saltwater church is a welcoming and inclusive community for people of all ages.

Planning to visit with your children or youth?  We hope you will feel welcome here.  We strive to be accessible to people of all abilities; if your child or youth requires special accommodation, please talk with Director of Family Ministries Melinda Einander about any concerns you may have.  Our religious education building, The Lighthouse, is nut-free, and we take care to avoid other allergens in snacks.




Outreach is an important part of welcoming; letting people in the community know about us and what we offer.  This past summer our Family Ministries team sponsored booths at two community events, providing fun activities for children and information about our church.


Looking for more outreach and welcoming resources for your family?  Check out our library, or our online resource collection.  Also see the information on visiting us, our location, and our status as a welcoming congregation.