Saltwater’s security alarm system is active on all our buildings. If you require access to a building outside of business hours, you will need your own security code. To apply for a code please complete this application.

Qualifying applicants must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Be a member of Saltwater UU Church or one of the communities that share our facilities
  • Be the organizer of an event occurring onsite
  • Hold a leadership role in one of our community groups
  • Be a Board member or part of the Saltwater staff
  • Represent a contractor currently working for Saltwater UU Church

You will receive an email from the Saltwater UU Church Administrator within 7 days of submitting your request. If approved your code will be activated and you will be provided instructions on how to use the system. Keep in mind that the 4 digit code is for your use ONLY.  This allows us to respond to any problems / situations quickly and accurately.

If you have any difficulties submitting this request, please email