The quiet support and commitment of the Meditation Group helps us learn to live with mindfulness, both as we sit in silence and also as we learn to apply our spiritual practice in our everyday lives.

Through meditation, we deepen our individual spirituality and transcend our differences. Our practice is compatible with Buddhist Calm Abiding, Christian Centering Prayer, and other forms of silent spiritual practice.

Whether you are working on developing a spiritual practice, or you just need some simple peace; whether you are seeking something new, or you’re a lifelong meditator seeking a supportive community; you are welcome to our circle.

Our Tuesday evening meditation group meets 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the church sanctuary. We sit together in silence, following our breath and open to wonder, for two 20-minute periods. In between, we take a 10 minute meditative walk—outdoors, weather permitting. We conclude our session with a brief tea ceremony. We invite you to join us. Come for a one-time sit, or come as frequently as it works for you.

For more information, email The Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship provides more information on national activities at .