Mind and Mindfulness; Exploring Intellect and Spirit

We are seekers. We Unitarian Universalists are non-creedal at least in part because we question everything. Some of us see rational thought as the best path towards knowing what is true. Others are more patient and are fine with sitting with a question to see … read more.

Sacrifice, Simplicity and Life Style Choices

We shape our world and it shapes us. In these times when the skies are increasingly dark and difficult, how might we address the reality of the difficult times we are in and each come to a decision of what we might choose to do … read more.

Touchdown Jesus

It’s football season. The Seahawks play this afternoon and the Cougar and Huskies and my beloved Oregon Ducks will have just played their games. It is of great importance, to many, this coming together to cheer our champions. 

Let’s explore the game of football and fan’s … read more.

Fear is Contagious: So is Hope

This message is displayed on a billboard in Puyallup that I regularly drive by. 

I got me to pondering about how we religious liberals might address the following questions;  

How do we best set aside or isolate contagious fear.

How do we help each other fear less … read more.